10 August 2023

[CACCO] The Bank of Fukuoka integrated O-Motion

Founded in 1877 as the first bank in Kyushu, The Seventeenth Bank, The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd. will celebrate its 145th anniversary in 2022.
Established in April 2007 as a core bank of the Fukuoka Financial Group, it contributes to the revitalization and development of the local economy throughout Kyushu, centered on Fukuoka Prefecture.
In April 2023, the unauthorized access detection service “O-MOTION” was introduced to prevent unauthorized applications by agents in the online complete loan service “Findy”.

Online complete loan service “Findy”

“Findy” is an online complete loan service for small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietors nationwide that started in September 2020. Unlike conventional bank loans, customers can apply online and complete the examination, contract, and loan execution all non-face-to-face.

Click here for details on “Findy”: https://lending.fukuokabank.co.jp/

Background and effect of introduction of “O-MOTION”

The Bank of Fukuoka was considering countermeasures against fraudulent applications for Findy.
Initially, the bank used its own IP address detection and monitoring, but there were issues with detection accuracy and monitoring man-hours.
In making the decision, we first had a trial run to verify the accuracy and functionality
in advance.

■Fukuoka Bank Person in charge’s comment
I feel that the addition of terminal identification by “O-MOTION” has improved the detection accuracy compared to before the introduction.
In addition, we can improve the efficiency of monitoring work, and we believe that there will be a reduction of more than 10 hours per month.
This time, we introduced “O-MOTION” first with “Findy,” which had problems, but since service information is also shared with departments in charge of Internet banking, etc., it is possible to expand horizontally to other services. I think it is possible.

Structure of unauthorized access detection service O-MOTION

“O-MOTION” is a cloud service that detects in real time whether the access is really by the person himself/herself or is unauthorized access by an unauthorized person, even if the access is made with the correct ID and password.
By utilizing our unique patented terminal identification technology and operation information such as key touches, we can detect fraudulent impersonation using other people’s IDs and passwords and brute force attacks by automatic programs (bots). It is used for unauthorized access/login countermeasures on service sites (internet banking/net securities), member sites, etc.