31 August 2023

September 14th (Thursday) Seminar for EC businesses on “Illegal acts to be aware of and solutions to fraudulent order problems”

Illegal acts to be aware of and solutions to fraudulent order problems

Kakko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroyuki Iwai, Securities code: 4166, hereinafter referred to as Kakko), which contributes to the creation of a safe online shopping infrastructure, is a law firm with a rich track record and consultation services in a wide range of industries. Co-sponsored by Authense Law Office (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Attorney: Taichiro Motoei, hereinafter referred to as “Authense Law Office”), on Thursday, September 14th, we held an event entitled “Illegal acts to be aware of and how to resolve fraudulent order problems. We will hold an online seminar on the theme of “policy”. Legal measures will be taken in the event that a customer falls victim to a fraudulent order, such as a fraud related to online shopping, and “stealth marketing” (hereinafter referred to as “stealth marketing”) will be added to the list of false representations prohibited by the Act on Unfair Representations, which will go into effect in October. A lawyer who is an expert will explain the so-called stemmer regulations, including the impact on businesses. Starting from the parentheses, we will explain the reality of fraud such as credit card fraud and malicious reselling, which continue to increase, as well as countermeasures against fraudulent orders, including “EMV3-D Secure,” which is scheduled to become mandatory in 2025, as measures to prevent such damage. To do.


For seminar details and to apply, click here https://frauddetection.cacco.co.jp/seminar/20230914.html


  • Seminar overview


Seminar start and announcement

Part 1


Sho Kushida, Authense Law Office

 Overview of stealth marketing regulations related to e-commerce business and initial investigation of fraud


Mai Onose from Kakko Co., Ltd.

Points and specific examples of fraud countermeasures including “EMV3-D Secure” which will become mandatory in 2025 

Part 2


panel discussion

Explanation of what you would like to discuss with a lawyer that you received from the business operator in advance


 ・What is a fraud scam in which a total of 12 million yen, including home appliances, is defrauded by abusing deferred payment payments?

  ・ Familiar measures such as using affiliates and influencers are illegal! ? What kind of cases are stemmed ads?


Question-and-answer session

 In this seminar, we will use case studies to explain issues and concerns in the e-commerce business, so that you can learn about the actual situation of fraud damage and issues not only for your own company, but also for a wide range of people, and help you operate safer online shopping and consider countermeasures. This is your opportunity to be useful, so please join us.

 We plan to have members of the media participate in order to broadly communicate the issues and current situation faced by e-commerce businesses, as well as countermeasures.

Since it is a webinar format, participants’ company names and faces will not be shared, so please use this as a place to discuss any concerns you may have.


  • Speaker introduction

Authense Law Office ]

 Lawyer Sho Kushida  https://www.authense.jp/lawyers/lawyer_kushida/

A member of the Osaka Bar Association. He graduated from Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Law, Department of Law, and Kobe University Law School.

Experienced in numerous lawsuits, including negotiations and court appearances, with a focus on real estate law (building surrender requests, eviction requests, etc.). In criminal cases, in order to obtain the early release of suspects from physical restraints and non-indictment, we strive to respond quickly and actively engage in support activities for victims.


[Kakko Co., Ltd.]

 O-PLUX Division Division Manager Mai Onose

 Joined Kakko Co., Ltd. in 2018. He worked in the sales and marketing department of O-PLUX, a fraud detection service, where he worked on strategy planning and development of new member stores. He has a track record of reducing fraudulent orders at many EC sites regardless of the size of the client or product, and is working to reduce and eradicate fraud.


  • About Authense Law Office

 We are a comprehensive law firm that provides a wide range of professional services based on the philosophy of “providing the best service to all clients.” Since its founding in 2005, a total of 220 people, including lawyers, paralegals, and corporate staff, have received requests from corporate legal affairs centered on listed companies and leading ventures and start-ups to personal legal affairs such as divorce and inheritance and criminal cases. We continue to provide services that exceed our customers’ expectations. It is also known as a law firm that has been incubating until its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market after its founding by Taichiro Motoei, the representative attorney of Bengo4.com, Inc., which operates one of Japan’s largest legal consultation portal sites and created CrowdSign. Masu. In collaboration with Authense group companies such as tax accountant corporations, patent attorney corporations, social worker corporations, and consulting companies, we will continue to create new services that are not limited to conventional legal services.


  • About Kakko Co., Ltd.

 Kakko has a management vision of “making the game changer of the future ‘Let’s try it first’.” By providing it, we aim to support companies in solving problems and taking on challenges. In particular, we position the “fraud detection service” in online transactions as a core service, and provide the fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” and the unauthorized access detection service “O-MOTION”.


Company Profile

Authense Law Office Legal Corporation Name: Authense Law Office (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)

Address: 22nd floor, Midtown Tower, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6222 

Representative attorney: Taichiro Motoei

Established: January 15, 2005

URL:  https://www.authense.jp/ 

Number of staff: 220 people

TEL: 03-4590-9000 (representative)

FAX: 03-6804-3820 (representative)

Office: Roppongi, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kitasenju, Yokohama, Chiba, Osaka


Kakko Co., Ltd.

Address: 5-31 Motoakasaka 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hiroyuki Iwai, Representative Director, President and CEO
Establishment: January 28, 2011
URL:  https://cacco.co.jp/
Business content: SaaS type algorithm provision Business
              (Fraud Detection Service, Payment Consulting Service, Data Science Service)
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