18 August 2023

Phishing domain detection of “Iron Wall PACK for Phishing” officially released

Kakko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroyuki Iwai, Securities Code: 4166, hereinafter referred to as Kakko), which contributes to the creation of infrastructure for safe online transactions and online shopping, has released the anti-phishing package “Ironwall PACK for We are pleased to inform you that the “Phishing Domain Detection Service” of “Phishing” has officially started to be provided on Monday, July 31st.
  • What is “Phishing Domain Detection Service”?

 When fraudsters build phishing sites, it’s common to use domains that look like the real site. This service detects the acquisition of new domains that are similar to your company’s domain, compares them with the phishing site database, and alerts the site operator in the form of a report. This makes it possible to quickly grasp the emergence of phishing sites and take appropriate countermeasures.

* Phishing site database: Information on sites where phishing content has been confirmed based on phishing site information reported to JPCERT Coordination Center (JPCERTCC)


[Service image diagram]

  • Overview of “Iron Wall PACK for Fishing”

  ”Ironwall PACK for Phishing” provides effective countermeasures in all phases of phishing scams based on the 2023 “Anti-Phishing Guidelines”. It can be used from 150,000 yen per month and provides “phishing mail countermeasure support”, “phishing domain detection”, and “spoofing login detection”. In addition, comprehensive countermeasures are possible with options such as “multi-factor authentication”, “takedown agency”, and fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX”. Unauthorized access detection service “O-MOTION” for financial service sites, mail order sites, etc. prevents damage at the edge of phishing and demonstrates its effectiveness. We provide one-stop comprehensive anti-phishing measures at a reasonable price.

 Details of “Iron Wall PACK for Fishing”


 In the future, Kakko will continue to analyze and research the latest and most diversifying fraud methods, and actively work to expand functions and develop services while considering the direction of government anti-fraud measures, to provide safe and secure online services. We will contribute to the creation of an environment for trading and online shopping.


  • About Kakko Co., Ltd.

 Kakko has a management vision of “making the game changer of the future ‘Let’s try it first’.” By providing it, we aim to support companies in solving problems and taking on challenges. In particular, we position the “fraud detection service” in online transactions as a core service, and provide the fraudulent order detection service “O-PLUX” and the unauthorized access detection service “O-MOTION”.



Company Profile

Kakko Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-5-31 Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hiroyuki Iwai, President and CEO
Established: January 2011
URL:  https://cacco.co.jp/
Business description: SaaS-type algorithm provision business
              ( Fraud detection service, payment consulting service, data science service)
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